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What Is A House Concert?

A House Concert is exactly what it says… Someone loves an artist’s music. That someone (the host) asks that artist(or band) to play a concert in their living room for their friends, family, and/or community members by invitation only. The event can often include food and drink if the host desires.
It’s an intimate listening atmosphere – which allows the real magic of music to unfold. There are stories, laughter, and truly transcendent musical moments. You get to gather with your friends and/or meet new people while joining in a unique experience. You also get to meet the musician(s), and really talk to them! It’s comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
Scarlet Letter Society House Concerts combine ministry and musical performance to create an intimate Crazy Love experience for your guests.

***Donations pay for the performing artists performance***

Benefits of Hosting a House Concert

This is an opportunity for your guests to…
  • Enjoy a musical performance in a comfortable, relaxing and intimate setting from an artist you love
  • Electricity (Electrical Outlets)
  • Contingency Plan if planning for the performance to be outside
  • Closely engage with the artists during the performance
  • Purchase merchandise directly from the performing artist and obtain autographs

Tip for Hosting A Successful Event

  • Serve refreshments or consider a pot luck affair
  • Keep the event private and only invite your close network of family and friends who will honor the attentive and friendly engaging atmosphere that you are trying to create. Note: promoting House Concerts open to the public renders your home into a venue which may impact zoning and official venue licensing laws.
  • Outdoor events can be beautiful; however, it inportant to have an indoor contingency plan incase of poor weather conditions.


  • Space for performance and merchandise sales
  • Electricity (Electrical Outlets)
  • Contingency Plan if planning for the performance to be outside
  • Age restrictions (Usually no children allowed
  • Invite 30-50 guests
  • Set-up date/time
  • Use approved promotional invitations
  • Collect donations on the day of the event

Next Steps

  • Contact us at the details below
  • Sign Agreement
  • Get Promotional Materials and Guidence from us
  • Send out invitations and plan on having an amazing time!!!


Great to hear! We have all the resources you'll need to make your Home Concert fun and easy. First click on the Contact us at booking@crazylovemusic.com or (904)442-5968 and let us know that you would like to host a Home concert with Scarlet Letter Society. One of our staff members will reach out to you and walk with you through out the process. Thank you so much for supporting us. We are really excited and we can't wait to partner with you.